• Intelligent cage 2011

    Intelligent cage 2011

    Feed your mind every day

    Foto di Max Mencarelli

  • Intelligent history 2010

    Intelligent history 2010

    150 years ago

    30 X 42 X h 0.60 cm
    Photos Duilio Rizzo

  • Intelligent s-vuotamento 2009

    Intelligent s-vuotamento 2009

    Photos Duilio Rizzo

  • Intelligent bridge 2005

    Intelligent bridge 2005

    short film duration 16 minutes

    One bridge two bridges three bridges many bridges……….to UNITE the parts that are destined to bloody separations after having been painfully hit by the bombs of humanity’s stupidity.
    Intelligence as an antidote to war.
    The Strait of Messina is the site of an artistic action that built and inaugurated the first intelligence bridge via dispatching envelopes full of pieces of intelligent material and other
    informative materials addressed to politicians and other media, sent from Villa
    S.Giovanni to Messina and vice versa.
    And……….now let good sense overhang the strait..



    Test tube preparations


     Enevelope’s contents





    Giornale di Sicilia – Thursday 30 JUNE 2005

    Messina, anonymous letters against the bridge over the Strait

    Messina (acaf) The person responsible for sending letters, arriving the last two days, on the institutional tables, is probably a mythomaniac who is against the Bridge over the Strait. This is the track followed by the Digos

    and the police who are condicting an inquiry trying to give a face to the letters signed “Floraine” written against the building of the megainfrastructure. The letters addressed to the commissioner Bruno Sbordone sent from a post office in Reggio Calabria arrived yesterday at the general secretary of the Messina City Council. The letters also arrived at the Province addressed to the President Salvatore Leonardi and the Public Works councillor Bartolo Natoli.

     Scarica l’articolo originale

     Intelligent Bridge mostra in india

  • Intelligent music 2004

    Intelligent music 2004

    12 x 15 x h 0.80 cm  
    intelligent material-plastic
    Work created for “AURAL SCULPTIRE(S)
    ” KOMA’ gallery project

    AURAL SCULPTURE(S) is a collection of CD covers created by artists (over 70) from all over Italy and abroad who work in different areas of contemporary visual art. The covers are “fake” and describe the more or less hidden musical identities of each artist: a microcosm of ideas and contemporary philosophies proper to music, or at least that can be found inside this. The people taking part in the exhibition this way invent their alter ego, rockstar, folksinger, deejay…………..or set up virtual pop, rock,

    electronic, jazz groups………………in the end they visualize their hypothetical releases

    on the covers.

  • Unintelligent man 2003

    Unintelligent man 2003

    30 x 30 x h 160 cm

    Photo by Max Mencarelli

  • Intelligent man 2002

    Intelligent man 2002

    33 x 33 x  h 33 cm

    Photo by Max Mencarelli

  • Intelligent presences 2001

    Intelligent presences 2001

    Can a therapist who is usually the sane part of siciety go mad?

    And above all can the therapist’s madness be represented or is he condemned to live with it clad in secrery? And you break……….

    the two parts………….so distinctly opposing, so distinctly black and white.


    objective boundary    subjective boundary


    I don’t give a damn


    Picasso smash my face in

    square head prison blue pedestal straitjacket

    frailties’ transparenciens

    hey! You empty-headed

    empty-headed with no brain where is the grey

    matter? In the cage iron cage plexiglass

    cage tulle cage chemical cage

    insanities’ enclosures

    the voice Calogero’s roar one of my patients

    wrapped up in the whys he loves asking himself

    doesen’t love answering himself

    because in the end what are the answers?

    weariness sleep darkness

    the sound of an electric guitar with four suspended


    i’m tired turn off the light.